Welcome to Center City Hall. This letter is meant to provide you with helpful information regarding residing in the City of Center.  If you have any questions or need any information please feel free to contact City Hall at the number listed below.

Center City Hall
103 S. Public St
P.O. Box 147
Center, MO  63436
Phone: 573.267.3331
Fax: 573.267.3710

City Resident Requirements

Trash Service

Please be aware that the City of Center has an ordinance that requires every resident to maintain trash service.  Our contract is with Dayne’s Waste Disposal, Inc.  You must contact them within 7 days to set up an account.  They provide a 95-gallon wheeled tote for free and it will be emptied every Wednesday morning.  The cost of this required service is approximately $10.00 per month, and you will receive a bill every quarter.  You may not use a different waste disposal company.

City Dog Leash Law

If you own a dog, please be aware that the City of Center has an ordinance that requires dogs to be on a leash at all times when not on your property.  If your dog is off of your property and is picked up by our dog catcher, there is a fine of $50.00 plus $5.00 per day for every day that we house your dog that must be paid before your dog will be returned to you.  Also, please note that pit bulls (or any mix thereof) are not allowed within the city limits of Center, and NO pets of any kind are allowed in the park.

Debris Prohibited

Additionally, the City of Center has an ordinance that prohibits debris of any kind (furniture, non-working or unlicensed automobiles, automobile parts, trash, appliances, etc.) from accumulating on any property.  You may burn yard waste only from September 1st through May 31st.  All other debris should be disposed of by other means.  (Note:  Dayne’s Waste Disposal allows for one bulky item pickup per week.)

Vehicle Stickers

City stickers are required for all vehicles.  A permit and city sticker are required for atv’s, utv’s, golf carts, etc.  Please contact City Hall for more information.

Planning & Zoning Requirements

City of Center has zoning regulations that require a building permit for any type of construction on any property.  Please contact City Hall if you plan to do any construction of any kind.

Important Contact Numbers

Gas & Electric – Ameren Missouri:  800-552-7583

Water – Cannon Water:  573-565-2656

Trash – Dayne’s Waste Disposal, Inc.:  573-492-6195

Dayne’s Holiday Schedule

Telephone – Ralls Tech – 573 985-3600 or 877 480-0748

AT&T:  800-288-2020

Internet – Ralls Tech – 573 985-3600 or 877 480-0748
AT&T:  800-288-2020 or 800-985-3047

Television – Ralls Tech – 573 985-3600 or 877 480-0748